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How to check Loading Speed On Your Blog website

  One of the hallmarks of a good blog and website is fast loading. If a site's loading speed is low i.e. page takes long time to load then who will like it. In today's article, we will know how to increase the loading speed on the blogger site (Speed Optimization on Blogger Blog).

Blogger is a great blogging platform from Google. However, it cannot increase the loading speed like WordPress because it does not have the opportunity to use plugins officially. But don't worry, today I'm going to tell you some tricks that if followed will definitely increase your site's loading speed.

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How to check Loading Speed On Your Blog website

In order to increase the loading speed of the website, you need to know the loading speed of your site first. There are various website speed checker tools to check how long a webpage takes to load. Among these are Google's own Google Page Speed Insight and With these two tools you can check website loading speed.

Click this link first to check. Then you can see a webpage like below.

Click submit button with your site link in the box and your site speed result will show. And the reasons for which the speed is not good can also be seen in the results.

Why increase loading speed?

Fast loading of a blog is very important. On the one hand, it is good for users, and on the other hand, it is good for search engines. You and I also get bored browsing very slow websites.

According to a statistic, up to 40% of users drop on websites that take more than 4 seconds to load. Due to such a drop in users, the search engine rank position is also affected. So increasing the loading speed of a blog or website is very important be it for user experience or SEO. If the website is fast it is SEO friendly.

Different Ways to Optimize Speed in Blogger

As mentioned earlier, since Blogger does not have the facility of using plugins like WordPress, everything has to be done manually. Following some methods for Speed Optimization also gives good results on Blogger site. Below are some ways to optimize speed for blogger —

1. Remove extra widgets

Many times we use too many widgets when thinking about design. More widgets mean more scripts. And more scripts slow down the loading speed. So as much as possible useful widgets should be removed. And never use iframe script as a widget, this is enough to slow down the site.

2. Upload the correct size image

If you check the speed of your blog in Page Speed Insight, you will understand that one of the reasons for the slow site is large size images. Large images are usually more than 1 MB, so the blog takes a long time to load.

For this, try to upload images that are less than 100 KB. There are many tools to reduce image size, while maintaining image quality. But I personally use the tool. It reduces the image size as well as converts to webp. As you know webp format images load faster.

3. Using Fast Loading Blogger Templates

No matter what you do, if your blogger template is not fast, it will take more time to load the blog. For that you have to use fast loading blogger template. Fast loading blogger templates are very well coded and minimized.

Below are the names of some popular fast loading blogger templates –

  1. Jet theme
  2. Fletro Pro
  3. Median UI
  4. Viomagz

All these are premium blogger templates. But you can download the premium version for free by searching on Google. The templates are fast loading as well as the design is great.

4. Using a CDN (CDN – Cloudflare)

Blogger hosted websites are loaded from Google's hosting location USA servers. If your visitor is in Asia region then the site will take some time to load. For this you need to use Cloudflare CDN.

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. A widely used CDN is Cloudflare. If your site is connected to Cloudflare, it will load faster. Because CloudFlare will route your site and load it from the server closest to the visitor.

Last word

This was today's article where Blogger site speed optimization is discussed. Following the above four methods can increase your blogger site speed.

As a result of which, on one hand, the user experience will increase, the visitors will increase, and it will also be good for SEO. Share the post on your social media, comment if you know anything. Happy blogging.


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