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Know what to eat and what not to eat to maintain fitness


Know what to eat and what not to eat to maintain fitness

If you want to keep yourself healthy, it is important to take care of yourself first.  Men are more interested in fitness than beauty.  Not only should you exercise, you should also be careful in your eating routine.  Eating in moderation is necessary to maintain fitness.  Know what to eat and what not to eat to maintain fitness- Read more: Best Fitness Monitor

  • Fish, meat, eggs should be cooked and not fried.  Stay away from fish, meat, eggs, kebabs rolled in toast powder.
  • Trim fat before eating meat.  It will reduce the amount of calories.
  • Have a good breakfast.  Keep one piece of bread, one boiled egg (duck or chicken), one fresh fruit (apple, guava) in the diet.
  • Avoid eating plain salt, eating salt increases water content in the body and increases the risk of high blood pressure.  So avoid it.
  • Try to eat at regular times.
  • Weigh once a week.  The weight will not come off immediately with dieting but continue with your routine with patience.
  • It is not possible to maintain fitness through diet alone.  Make time to develop an exercise habit.  Proceed with the specified time.  Only then it is possible to maintain fitness.
  • Remember that dieting does not mean not eating, all foods contain nutrients and in moderation.

The rate at which lifestyle diseases are increasing and making people's lives increasingly miserable, one thing has become clear to everyone – staying fit is an absolute must. 

If the body is not healthy and disease-free, it is not possible to do any work with the mind.  And for that, you have to take proper rest, stay away from stress, exercise as well as eat regularly.

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In fact, most nutritionists believe that 80 percent of your physical health depends on diet.  Want to know, those who are fit, must have any ingredients in their daily diet?

The water

We often forget that about 70 percent of our body is water, so water should be the most important part of our diet.  Adults can comfortably drink five liters of water a day.  Especially if you take small sips of warm water repeatedly, your body will be clean.  Do not suffer from any problem like constipation, stomach will be clean.

Adequate Protein

The type of lifestyle you lead will determine exactly how much protein you need each day.  Those who workout with heavy weights need a little more protein.  People who are trying to lose weight or keep it off should also eat a little more protein, as protein keeps the stomach full longer. 

You can eat eggs, fish, chicken among non-vegetarian proteins.  Ideal among vegetarian proteins are pulses, chickpeas, rajma, soybeans, milk, curd, chickpeas. Make it a habit to eat good quality protein.

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Complex Carbohydrates

There is no need to completely exclude rice and bread from the diet, eat in moderate quantities.  You can also eat oats, you will get protein as well as carbohydrates in oats.  Fruits are a very good source of carbohydrates.  Try to include all seasonal fruits in your diet, you will also see a variety of colors in rose petals. Colorful fruits and vegetables will also provide you with antioxidants.  The body works harder to break down complex carbohydrates.

The Roughage

Vegetables will give you a boost.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you'll find that there's some sort of vegetable in it.  All seasonal vegetables and greens can be eaten after washing well.  You don't even need to skip the potatoes.  But do not cook with a lot of oil and spices, it does not contain the nutritional value of the grain.  Boiled or steamed vegetables are best.  Rafage will keep your stomach full for longer.  It will also help to remove waste materials from the body.

Good quality fats

Nuts, avocados, skimmed milk, butter, good quality ghee, non-refined oils will all provide you with good fats.  Cutting fat out of the diet completely doesn't work.

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