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Earn Money From Android

  How to earn online with mobile? Today we are going to discuss in this article what are the ways to earn online on mobile. There are many ways to earn money from home with mobile which we will discuss today.

Earn money online from Mobile

Do you want to earn money online part-time or full-time? If yes, then your Android mobile can earn you minimum 10 thousand to 30 thousand per month. Hey, it's totally true. Today technology is going to be so fast and advanced that earning money with android mobile has become a tradition or fashion. 

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There are many ways to earn online with mobile. But I will tell you only those 5 easy ways to earn online on mobile that will give you the opportunity to earn real money on mobile.

Today many people are making unlimited income using the online ways to earn money with Android mobile. And you can do that too. But, one thing must be remembered that nothing is achieved in life without hard work. And, for that you also have to work a little to reduce money from online mobile.

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 What is blog and how to earn online from blog?

I will tell below the 5 ways of income with mobile, they are trusted and many people are making income using them. I will tell you the ways below, but how much money you will earn using the ways depends on your work and hard work. Find out the rest, why people are earning lakhs of rupees every month with the methods given below to earn money from mobile. Let's, without wasting time we know 5 easy ways to earn from mobile.

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8 Easy Ways to Earn Money with Mobile

As I told you above, if you have an Android smartphone then you can definitely earn money online part-time and full-time. And, for that, I have explained 5 important ways to you very easily below.

1. Income by blogging and website

Do you know, you can earn unlimited money online by making a blog or website from mobile? If not, then know it well. You can of course go to Google's website and create a free blog and website. And then, when your blog or website visitors or traffic starts coming you can start earning money from your blog or website.

You may be thinking that it is very difficult or troublesome to make income from a mobile blog. But, not at all. It takes only 10 minutes to create your blog from mobile. And, after that you can bring visitors or traffic to your blog by writing good articles on your blog.

If you start getting visitors to your blog, you can register your blog on Google AdSense and start earning money.  Google AdSense is a service of Google that gives us the opportunity of online income by showing text, link, video and image advertisements on our own blog or website.

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Today, people are earning so much money online using these two services “Blog and Google AdSense” that you can't even imagine. And, if you also want to earn through blog and AdSense then you don't need any computer or laptop. You can create a blog on your smartphone and write articles on it and earn through Google AdSense.

2. Online income by making YouTube channel

The idea of ​​making YouTube channel to reduce online money from mobile like blogging is quite profitable. Today, many people go to YouTube and make their own channels and earn millions of rupees every month. To create a YouTube channel, you need to go to the YouTube website. You will need a Gmail account to visit

Because, as I said earlier, "YouTube is Google's product" and therefore Gmail account ID and password will be required to login to YouTube. After logging in to YouTube with your Gmail account, you can upload videos directly to YouTube or create a separate channel. You will get a chance to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube channel. Remember this, whatever video you upload on your YouTube channel should be an original video made by you.

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If you upload someone else's video on your channel then it will be treated as a copyright video. And so you will not get any option to earn from the video copied by others. So, you can easily make a YouTube channel with your mobile, create and edit videos with your mobile and earn money.

How can you upload videos to YouTube?

You can upload any kind of videos to your YouTube channel. For example, tutorial videos, comedy videos, kono story, mobile reviews or anything else. To get success very quickly, you can make tutorial videos from your mobile and upload them to the channel. But remember, "Whatever you make, make it your own" and remember that no part of the video contains any copied parts or parts of any other video.

In this way, if you upload original self-made videos on YouTube, you can start earning money very quickly. Now you have created YouTube channel and uploaded videos. But how to reduce the money? How to get money from uploaded videos? That's what you are thinking now? not so .?

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Actually, when you upload video to YouTube channel, after that your video YouTube Uber's website is viewed or watched by thousands of people online. And then comes the opportunity to make money from your videos. YouTube has an option called “monetization”. 

When you enable the option by applying through this monetization option, some advertisements will be shown on your videos through Google AdSense. And, when people watch those advertisements before watching your video, you'll earn money.

This is the way to earn online from YouTube. Believe me, when you upload 50 videos and each video gets 30 views daily, you will get 50*30 = 1500 total video views daily. And, if people watch your videos 1500 times daily, then you get less than 0.2 dollars per ad view, but 0.2*1500 = 300 dollars.

You are right, this is a lot of income. If one dollar = 60 rupees then 300 dollars * 60 = 18,000 rupees. Today many people are earning much more money daily from YouTube. And all these can be done only from your mobile if you don't have a computer or laptop. But, remember this, nothing happens in a day.

You have to work hard, work with mind and interest. And then you will be successful in this YouTube business.

3. Money cannon from Android apps

Hey you heard right, now you can earn money from various android apps on mobile.But, this method of earning money from your mobile phone will not give you much income. If you are a student, housewife or retired person then you can use this method to earn some extra income. Go to Google play store and search for “earning apps”, “online income app” or “free recharge app” and you will find many apps that give you real money for various tasks.

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Some of the best money saving apps are “Truebalance”, “MCent”, “Amulyam”, “Pocket Money”, “TaskBucks” and many more. You can download these apps from google play store for free and earn from mobile. However, these money saving apps don't just give you money. After downloading the app, you have to do many things.

For example – downloading apps, referring apps, watching videos etc. And, in exchange for these tasks, you are paid some money through the app. You can withdraw the earned money in many ways.

For example – through paytm cash, free mobile recharge, free dish tv recharge, bank account transfer etc.

4. Sell ​​old stuff on OLX and QUIKR

If you are looking for ways to make extra income from mobile, then websites like OLX and Quikr can help you. OLX or Quikr is actually a website where one can sell almost any item or product. It can be any thing like, bike, mobile, TV, Car, computer, laptop or any thing. You can earn money by selling old things by visiting these two websites.

If you have old things in your house to sell, you can certainly sell them. Besides, if you know the owner of an old bike or car selling shop, then you can earn money by buying things from him at a low price and selling them at a high price through this website. And, you can do this entire work from your mobile.

Take a photo of what you want to sell and upload it to OLX or QUIKR website and write a little about the thing or what you want to sell and post it along with the price. Bus, then after some time different customers will start contacting you with the intention of buying the item.

This is how you can earn money by SELL old things from mobile.

5. Online income from short link website

Do you know about short link websites? If not, then Generakhun, this is a very simple and 100% genuine way to earn online from your mobile. You don't need to do much.

You must first go to some short link website and register an account. Some trusted and good short link website names are –,, AL.LY,, Linkshrink.Net etc. You can create an account on any or all of them. Now, you might be thinking about how to earn money through these short link websites, right?

In fact, these websites are called link shortener websites. Here, you are given a box where you can shorten the URL address link of any website by pasting it. You can copy the URL address of any article, video, song or any website from the Internet and shorten it using these URL shortener websites.

For example, if you shorten the URL link of one of my blog articles, it will look completely different from the original URL and will be much shorter. But the thing is, how can you earn money from this URL shortener website? So you think?

In fact, when you shorten the URL address of a website or blog or video by going to this URL shortener website, then as soon as the link address is shortened, some advertisements are also placed there. And as a result, when someone clicks on your shortened URL address, some advertisement will be shown before going to the original website.

Now, as a result you will be paid per valid ad view. Some link shortener websites will pay you 5 to 15 dollars per 1000 views or some 5 to 10 dollars. But your income will be good. You are all yours You can do it with bail.

You have to go to this link shortener website to shorten your empty, interesting and good videos, articles or website url addresses and share them as much as possible on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups or other social media.

Then, as many visitors as click your link and go to the URL address you provided, they will see the advertisement and you will earn money.

6. Income by making Facebook groups

If you are looking for the best ways to earn money online with mobile from home, then you can earn good money by creating a Facebook group.

Nowadays it is possible to earn money through various means by having a popular and more members Facebook group. And, if you have an Android mobile then you can earn money from creating groups, all through mobile.

However, first you have to create your own Facebook group and try to make it popular. Once you have at least 10,000 members in your group, then you can earn online income from your group using various methods. How to earn money from Facebook groups?

7. Earn money with Ysense

It is very simple and easy way to earn money with mobile.Ysense is an online website which is basically a paid survey website where you can earn money by doing various surveys. You can directly go to Ysense's website with your mobile and create a free account.

Now, after creating an account, you will see your dashboard and in the Surveys section, you will see different paid surveys. Now, join the surveys one by one and continue to earn money online by answering them. You will earn between 3 and 10 dollars for each successful completion of the survey. To know more read our article – How to earn money with Ysense?

8. Earn money from Instagram

If you have an Android mobile, then surely you can create your own Instagram account and make it popular and earn a lot of money from it. Nowadays every brand, service, product etc. is promoted by Instagram profiles. And, promoting products through Instagram accounts can earn you a lot of money from companies.

These days there are many social media influencers who earn a lot of money online by promoting the products and services of various companies in their Instagram account. After creating an Instagram account, you need to regularly post interesting, interesting and work related information, pictures, videos etc.

Don't worry, you can do everything from your mobile. Once you have a lot of followers added to your Instagram profile, then you can earn in different ways. 

Final words on topic,

So Bandhura, today I have let you know 5 easy and 100% real ways by which you can earn money online with your mobile. In this, I have mentioned some ways that I have not seen so much myself, but I have heard from many people that they have made money through them. And I have also told some ways like, "Blogging" and "YouTube channel", through which you can make a lot of unlimited income.

How to earn money from mobile phone (How to earn money from mobile phone) If you like this article, then definitely share the article. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please comment below.


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