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Can I a make Good Coffee at Home


Can I a make Good Coffee at Home

Many people think that good coffee cannot be made without a machine.  Totally wrong.  You can make better coffee at home than at a restaurant.  Let's find out what it takes to make delicious classic coffee:

  • 1. Coffee Mate.
  • 2. Thickened cow's milk.
  • 3. Milk powder.
  • 4. Good quality coffee powder (Nescafé Matinal recommended)
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Coffee Mate:

Coffee Mate is a non dairy creamer meaning there is no cream like milk in it.  It's cholesterol free, good for health, but not enough to soothe Bengali tongues. It doesn't taste like the original cream.  Used to make coffee heavy and flavorful.  2 teaspoons per mug and 1 teaspoon per cup makes the coffee sticky, heavy and delicious. read more: Brew Coffee Maker

Milk powder:

Just mixing coffee mate does not bring out the full flavor of coffee.  1/Half teaspoon of milk powder mixed test increases many times!  When choosing milk powder, choose a good brand of full cream milk powder.


I will give a recipe from long experience, which everyone who eats coffee can not appreciate!  But it will have more fat, creamy coffee, tasty!  Many people think that coffee mate, milk and milk powder are the same thing.  Is it necessary to use them separately?  The question is actually one of taste.  The flavor is never complete without the combination of those three. 

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First, take 1/4 of a mug of condensed cow's milk.  Mix remaining 1/3 part of water. Then add 1 spoon of coffee mate and half spoon of milk powder and boil till it boils.  3/4 minutes if microwaved.

Then push the mug and mix only half a spoonful of coffee powder.  Mixing too much powder makes it tough, not tasty.  Strong coffee is addictive but not satisfying.  So always try to mix less while adding coffee liqueur.

If you want foam, take two mugs and pour coffee from one mug to the other, which you put into the bottle and shake.

Never drink strong hot coffee, as it does not taste good.  Coffee tastes best slightly cold (around 70 centigrade).

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