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How to Add Link in Linkedin Post 2022 (with screenshots)

Hello friends, today I bring again a new article.  And I will bring new articles according to your needs.  How you entered to read this article of mine.  So you needn't be disappointed.  So today's How to Add Link in Linkedin Post article is covered.  Various types of information.  Which will help you to acquire new knowledge.  So let's see below!

What I am going to discuss today is: How to Add Link in Linkedin Post?  It will be discussed in detail throughout the article.  Which will benefit you.  And there will be a step by step discussion with screenshots.  So let's get started.

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Friends, first we know what Link in Linkedin Post?  Or why I use Add Link in Linkedin Post?  And how we will post How to Add Link in Linkedin.  All these will be mentioned below one by one.  You see below!

Link in Linkedin Post:

What is Link in Linkedin Post?  In fact, many of us use LinkedIn.  And we love to post more and more new ones.  Some post on Facebook, some post on Twitter.  And in this case we also use LinkedIn.  And you can also post.  And in that case, if you add a link to an article, you can use a website or referral.  Then that is your Link in Linkedin Post.  And why is it used?

That is if you want to post something, like say a product you want to sell, share with friends, or earn from.  For that you can use referral link.  And the reason for this is that Add Link in Linkedin post.  Now we will know How to Add Link in Linkedin Post step by step.

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How to Add Link in Linkedin Post

Here I will show you how you can add links to LinkedIn posts.  How many steps should be followed.  See below.

1.  First, you log into your LinkedIn account.
If you have a LinkedIn account, enter your LinkedIn account.  or sign.

2.  Now click on "Post" option with (+) sign.
Whenever you sign in to your LinkedIn account.  Then you can enter the homepage and see in the middle, click on an option named (+) "Post".

3.  You write your own post and copy paste the link.
After writing your article or post, you want to put the link here.  In that case you just copy the link and paste it here.

4.  Then you click on the "Post" option in the upper corner.
When you're done writing the article, and you're ready to add the link and post it to your LinkedIn account.  Then you click on the option named "Post" in the upper corner.  It will be enough.

Then if you want to see how the post looks like.  Then you can click on "View" option.

This was a very simple process.  And if you want to add hyperlinks.  Then you can see the next post.  I will have it on this website.  And as soon as you search in the search box, you will find it easily.  Now you will see differently.  See below.

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How to Add Links in Linkedin Post 2022

Here we will know how to post from LinkedIn account by adding link.  And for that I will give you the steps.  Check it out, then you will know easily.

1.  First, log in to your LinkedIn account.
2.  Now you click on "Post" icon.
3.  Add your text and pictures.
4.  Paste the copied link.
5.  Now click on “Post” option.

This was a simple process.  Which I told you in 5 steps.  If you do these five things.  You can do it easily.  See below for more articles that may be of use to you.
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Thanks, see you again for another article.  And stay with, stay by, share with you.  Stay well, stay healthy, God Hafez...

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